What Makes Scrubs Rinseable or Oily?

Did you know… There’s a simple ingredient that lets you create scrubs that are rinseable and not oily?

You’ve probably seen all different kinds of body scrubs. Some use sugar, and others use salt or other exfoliating ingredients like ground loofah, walnut, coffee or jojoba beads but the base for the scrub is where many differ. When Salt scrubs first became popular in the late 1980’s, they were primarily made up of just salts and oils and butters. They were scrubby enough, but they had to be mixed before use, and they left a thick film of oil on the skin as well as being a hazard in the bath, leaving an oil slick that certainly posed a challenge when getting in or out!

Enter new and improved version number 2, the emulsified scrub. This can contain the same wonderful scrubbies, sugar or salt, oils and butters, but when this is applied to the skin in the shower or bath, the emulsified scrub turns into a lovely rinseable lotion-like product, still leaving a nice feel of moisturization on the skin but not overly so and better yet, no yucky oil slick in the tub.

The only major difference is the addition of an emulsifier such as Emulsifying Wax NF that makes our formula water soluble. As a bonus, we can now add other water-soluble ingredients to increase skin moisturizing benefits, such as humectants and water-based botanical extracts we otherwise wouldn’t be able to use in an anhydrous (oil-based) product. If water soluble additives are included however, a preservative must be added for product safety.

If you’ve never tried making an emulsified scrub, we suggest giving it a go! Your skin will still get all of the benefits of a traditional scrub, but they are easier to apply and not nearly as messy. Also, they are easier to package with less risk of leaks.


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