Vitamin E – What It Is & What It’s For

What is Vitamin E exactly, you ask? Vitamin E is basically an anti-oxidant- don’t confuse it with a preservative. It slows down oxidation by neutralizing free radicals, but it doesn’t reverse or prevent it.
It’s an essential fat-soluble vitamin composed of 8 naturally occurring compounds. Although this is non-organic, it qualifies for use in “organic” or “made with organic material” in products. Our Vitamin E is vegan and gluten-free. Each gram contains 500 mg of total tocopherols. Elements recommends using it at 0.5 – 4% in cosmetics, and 0.1-.5% in bulk fixed oils or Carrier Oils.

Tips: Vitamin E tocopherol can work to your advantage if you add it to your bulk oils, increasing their shelf life.
So much of the damage that happens to skin is due to free radical damage, so Vitamin E is highly recommended for use in skincare products to help support new skin cell growth. According to some studies, it also plays a role in the anti-inflammatory process.

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