Vitamin E Sticks Recipe

Vitamin E Sticks Recipe

How to Make Vitamin E Sticks

You can call this a Cuticle Stick, Cuticle Balm, Chap Balm, or Gardener’s Stick; this formula works great on any extra dry patches of skin. It’s also great for dry cracked heels or elbows and on wind chapped skin areas and can be used as a lip balm as well.

For this formula, we’re choosing specialty oils such as jojoba (really a wax close to our skin’s natural sebum), and Apricot Kernel for its lightweight feel, moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties.


  • Double Boiler for melting (If you don’t have a double boiler, you can use a stainless steel pan and a stainless steel cookie cutter to keep the pitcher from coming in contact with the bottom of the pan (can also be CAREFULLY microwaved)
  • Heat Safe Glass Measuring Cup or Funnel Pitcher
  • Stir Stick or Spoon (for stirring)
  • Pipettes (for Fragrance)
  • Digital Scale
  • 90-91% Isopropyl Alcohol (for sanitizing supplies and clean-up)
  • Paper Towels

Vitamin E Sticks Recipe Supplies 1

Containers of your choice to fit a total of 4.6 oz (You may cut it in half as long as you keep the proportions of waxes and oils equal.)
​​​​​​​Here are Some Options:

We also carry cute Lip Pots and Tins as a tube alternative.

Vitamin E Sticks Recipe Supplies 2


Vitamin E Sticks Recipe Ingredients


Step 1

Melt Beeswax in double boiler until melted.

Vitamin E Sticks Recipe Step 1

Step 2

Add Apricot Kernel, Jojoba, Castor and Vitamin E Oils and stir until melted.

Vitamin E Sticks Recipe Step 2

Step 3

Pour into Lip Balm Tubes and allow to harden.

Vitamin E Sticks Recipe Step 3

Step 4

Label and use.

Vitamin E Sticks Recipe


• Use an old flannel cloth to wipe off utensils and pouring cup and use this cloth to polish wood! Shines it up like a dream!
• Once you’ve used the helpful hint above, to get the last bit of residue out of your container before washing, use paper towels and rubbing alcohol.



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