Testing Fragrances in CP Soap

Testing Fragrances in CP Soap

Basic techniques to test fragrance using small sample vials in CP soaps


Learn how simple it is to test your fragrances in CP soap. It’s easy to do and will show you the results of what the fragrance will do to the color of your batch as well as how it will perform before you buy in larger quantities. It’s perfect for using up our small sample vials, or 1 oz sizes.

Preparation is very important if you want to test multiple fragrance oils, so be sure and get everything ready before you mix up your soap batch.
You will want to label your cups with a Sharpie so you don’t get anything mixed up!

Since you will want to see exactly how the fragrance oil may or may not discolor your soap, you won’t be using colorants in your batch.
*If you’re going to make 8 or more test cups like this at a time, you should already be familiar with the soapmaking process, and be comfortable working quickly.

This is a great basic recipe similar to the one that we use for testing our fragrances for performance before adding them to our site. This formula will trace slowly, giving you plenty of time for mixing up several at a time to test:

Basic Cold Process Soap Recipe

Step 1 – Weighing your Oils and Lye water

Weigh out your pot of Oils and Butter(s) and your pitcher of Lye Water for a small one lb batch. Measuring accurately is very important when making batches this small. Set these aside to come to room temperature

Step 2 – Measuring your FO

Now we’ll calculate the amount of FO needed for each cup so you’ll be able to work quickly when you’re ready to put the FO into your filled soap cups.

0.5 to 1 oz of FO per pound of soap oils is fairly standard, but some fragrances will have a usage rate that is lower, as recommended by the IFRA International Fragrance Association) and EO’s may vary as well. We have each fragrance’s recommended usage rates listed in their description so you don’t have to look these up elsewhere.
There is some math involved, but I promise I’ll make it easy. Let’s test eight fragrances for your first time. You’ll be putting two ounces of soap batter in each cup. Testing at the usage rate of 1 oz PPO, you’ll be using 0.125 oz in each cup. Don’t let your head explode- I can make it even easier and tell you that’s 3.69 milliliters per cup

Step 3 – Mixing and Pouring

Ready to go? Get your gloves & goggles on and mix up your soap; stick blend just until emulsification so your soap batter stays relatively thin. Then pour equal amounts into your 8 cups. Grab your pipettes and measure out each FO and mix well into your soap batter. Pour into molds.

You’ll want to set aside a shelf to keep your test cups on for several weeks to several months to determine how much they may or may not discolor over time, and to test for fragrance longevity. This is a great foolproof way for you to plan future soap batches!


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