Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe

How to Make Minty Mini Foot Bombs

Treat your hardworking feet to a refreshing soak with these Minty Mini Foot Bombs!  Our Bath Bomb and Fizzy Base is an easy shortcut for adorable peppermint bombs your friends and family will love. These tiny bombs are enriched with cocoa butter, a wonderful moisturizing emollient for feet. Feel free to substitute another butter of your choice. Our Bath Bomb Perfector makes quick work of molding these bath bombs. You can also use a 1.63” Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mold, if you prefer or the smaller 1.25” Bath Bomb Perfecter.

These foot bombs are painted with a cute leaf using mica. While not necessary, it’s quite easy to do and makes these bath bombs an adorable gift. This recipe is colored with our water-soluble liquid colorants. Feel free to substitute tap water, if you prefer uncolored mini foot bombs.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs are a wonderful first step in the perfect pedicure. Follow it up with our luxurious Peppermint Foot Cream and your favorite nail polish for the perfect at-home spa treat!

You will want to inform your recipients that these bombs are intended for foot use only and should not be used in the bathtub. These bombs contain a high percentage of peppermint essential oil that is not dispersed by polysorbate 80. The peppermint oil will float to the top of the bath water and could be irritating to sensitive areas.


  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Yield: 12 Bath Bombs (1.75”, 2.2 oz)
    (Note: If you use a different mold you may make more or fewer bombs.)


  • Prep Time / Clean Up: 5 Minutes
  • Perform Time: 25 Minutes
  • Drying Time: 4 Hours
  • Total Time: 4 Hours 30 Minutes (30 minutes active time)


Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Supplies


Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Ingredients


Before starting this tutorial please make sure to read all instructions. Use caution when handling melted oils. Do not weigh fragrance oils into plastic containers; use glass or stainless steel. Use gloves when mixing to keep your manicure from getting scratched.

Step 1 – Mix the Bath Bomb Base

Melt the cocoa butter in a small microwaveable bowl for about 2 minutes on high power, or until melted, stirring midway through. Set aside to cool briefly.

Mix the liquid colorant and essential oil in 1.5 oz isopropyl alcohol.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 1a

Add the cocoa butter and isopropyl alcohol mixture to the bath bomb base in a large mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly using your hands.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 1b

Check the consistency of the mixture. It should form distinct clumps when squeezed. If it seems too crumbly, add a couple more drops of isopropyl alcohol.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 1c

Step 2 – Mold the bath bombs

Use the Bath Bomb Perfecter to scoop up some of the base. Squeeze it tight. Use your thumb to clean the edges of the mold.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 2a

To help release the bomb from the mold, you may need to tap the mold with a butter knife. Sometimes the bombs release cleanly, though.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 2b

Release the bomb into your hand.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 2c

Set it aside on the counter to dry. Because these bombs are small and they already have a flat area on each side, they don’t deform as they dry. For the last few bombs, you may need to transfer the mixture to a narrower container to make it easier to scoop.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 2d

Finish making all of the bombs. Allow them to dry for 5 minutes and flip them over and dry for 5 more minutes.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 2e

Step 3 – Paint the bombs

Meanwhile, if you want to paint your bombs, mix ¼ tsp Jazzy Jade mica with 1 ½ tsp of 91% isopropyl alcohol in a small cup, bowl or paper cup.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 3a

Use a paint brush to paint a leaf on each bomb. If the paint is too thick, add a drop or two of alcohol. If the paint is too thin, add a little mica.

Minty Mini Foot Bombs Recipe Step 3b

Finish painting all of the bombs and set aside to dry for 3-4 hours. To use, fill a large bowl or foot bath with hot water and drop in a bomb. Enjoy the fizzy goodness and minty scent as you soak your feet!


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