My First Time Making Lip Balm (Video Tutorial)

Join me, as an absolute beginner, while I learn to make Lip Balm!

In this video, I use the Lip Balm Kit from the Elements Bath and Body. This kit came complete with everything an absolute newbie like myself needs from the premade base to the flavor oils (which I got to pick when ordering) to all the containers and tools I needed.

This is my second project to date, my first one was learning to make Melt & Pour Soap (you can find that video at ) which was a super fun experience even with a few mess ups along the way! I can’t say that my lip balm making was flawless either, but it was fun and I was very happy with the end result.

I hope that in watching this video you can learn from my mistakes, join me in my moments of triumph and just enjoy the experience as I jump into the world of lip balm making for the very first time!

I hope that by the end of watching this, if you are just starting out yourself or maybe still just thinking about giving it a try, you will feel more confident to try making Lip Balm yourself because I assure you, “If I can do it, so can you!”

In this video I use the pre-made, customizable Lip Balm Kit. Click Here To View/Purchase and customize your Lip Balm Kit.

If you prefer, you may also purchase each ingredient and supply on it’s own. Find the links below:


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