Labels – What Do Yours Say?

Did you know that Elements is one of the few suppliers to carry labels by the sheet so you can try out your label design without investing too much up front? Labels are vitally important to your products look and appeal. Some common color choices for printing at home are clear, white or kraft, and the color or material of your labels can also influence the customer and affect how they perceive your product (either as trendy, luxurious or eco-friendly).

TIP: Waterproof labels are fantastic for items designed to be kept in the shower, as they seldom smear, run or bleed. The waterproof labels are especially important for all your sample containers to ensure your customers remember who to call when they want to buy more! Customers do not always keep your business card, but with waterproof labels to read months later; they will find it easy to contact you. A poorly printed or dirty, torn label can have a very negative impact on a customer’s perception of your products, so be sure to inspect your labels from time to time when selling.

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