Do Scents Really Bring Back Memories?

Scent is one of our senses that we may not think about all that much but we use all of the time. From sniffing a rose in the garden to turning our nose up as the garbage truck drives by, our sense of smell is a big part of our day to day life experience so it’s no real shocker to find that smell is a major emotional and memory sense. Studies have found that smells trigger strong, emotional memories and can give people the sense of being taken back in time. These scent memories have also been found to produce more brain activity in areas of the brain that are associated with visual vividness. How cool is that?! So if you are wanting to give a gift to a special someone keep scent memory in mind!

There are two ways that you can create a scent memory gift for loved ones that will have them thinking of you and remembering all the good times you’ve shared:

1 – Share A Scent With A Story

Is there a scent that you know evokes a strong memory for you that you think would do the same for a loved one? Maybe lilac reminds you of when you and your sister made flower bouquets for your mom every summer? Or maybe bubblegum reminds you of that time you ended up with gum in your hair and your mom had to cut it out? Or maybe it’s the smell of lemon that reminds you of sipping lemonade on Grandma’s porch? Whatever it is, try to choose a scent that sparks a memory for you and that you think the person you are giving the gift to will also identify with then attach a note and retell the story for them … “Remember that time we went apple picking at the orchard with Uncle John & Aunty Marg? The smell of this soap reminded me of that! It was so fun climbing the ladders, filling the baskets …” You get the idea I’m sure. With this scent memory gift you are not only giving a fantastic homemade product but you are also giving the gift of a good memory, a story, a connection.

2 – Create Your Own Custom Scent

Create your own personalized scent and use it in a product that you give as gifts each year. Yes I do mean, the same scent every year! With this approach what you will do is create a scent memory of yourself with your loved ones. You don’t have to create your own scent but if you do then you know it will be unique to you and it stands a better chance of triggering that “Ah, it reminds me of (insert your name here)” moment. If you prefer to use a scent that is already premade for you try to choose one that you associate with fondly and that you think others will enjoy as well. Over time, year after year, every time they smell that vanilla or orange or rose or whatever it is you choose they will start to more and more be reminded of you, the one who gave them the product.

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Enjoy creating your scent memory gifts!


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